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Neda Nobari Foundation is proud to support these local upcoming events.

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The Pleasant Pain Show
Amplify! A Celebration of Voices from the Amazon


Saturday, August 26, 2017, 8:00 pm
ODC Theater, B. Way Theater, 3153 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Tickets: $20 Students (must have valid ID), $30 General Admission.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2tSSc7j

Dancers: Joslynn Celestine Mathis-Reed, Kim Ip, Adrienne Swan , Annie Spirka
Music: Asaf Ophir, Sheldon Smith
Dramaturg: Heather Rastovac
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The Pleasant Pain, choreographed by Aisan Hoss, draws from oral history interviews that Hoss has conducted with nearly thirty young Iranian émigrés who have recently migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area. Like Hoss, the interviewees are part of Iran’s “new generation” – those born in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and who lived through the Iran-Iraq war (1981-1989). The choreographic process and community building efforts of The Pleasant Pain explore individual and collective memories of home and how these memories and one’s sense of identity transform after migration. As Hoss explains: “I lost my sense of home after immigrating. Since I feel that I no longer belong to any place outside or inside Iran, my sense of home now only resides in memories of sounds, smells, and images that  no longer exist. I choreographed The Pleasant Pain from the personal and collective processes of recuperating and transforming these memories into new definitions of home for us young Iranian immigrants in the Bay Area.” Instead of presenting a multicultural spectacle of ahistorical exoticism or a typical narrative of suffering and freedom, The Pleasant Pain highlights the complexities, concerns, and embodied memories of Iran’s “new generation” through exploring concepts of bittersweetness, numbness, skin shedding, and pain as pleasure. Hoss explains: “Things that people might think of as ‘pain’ or ‘restriction’ in Iran actually conjure sensations of safety, joy, and home for me and many of the other ‘new generation’ who have recently immigrated.” Through exploring these seeming contradictions, this choreographic work attempts to disrupt the binaries that often surround Middle Eastern people in the U.S., such as unfree/free, past/present, there/here, collective/individual, and religious/secular. Hoss’s primary choreographic objective is to create joy within darkness; however, while dance, for many in the Iranian diaspora, has historically been, and still is, a tool for producing joy, Hoss aims to transform the fantasy of the “beautiful Persian princess” into the reality of an imperfect human being.



The Iranian American Women Foundation is proud to host its 15th Women’s Leadership Conference and its 2nd International Iranian Women’s Leadership Conference in London, England in association with Persia Educational Foundation on September 23rd 2017 at the Royal Garden Hotel.

This conference will feature a diverse array of engaging speakers, empowering stories, and will provide opportunities to connect with fellow members of the IAWF community.

DATE: September 23rd 2017

TIME: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

LOCATION: Royal Garden Hotel

TICKETS: £175 until September 1st | £250 starting September 2nd: http://bit.ly/2se1j5y

Since 2012, the Iranian-American Women Foundation (IAWF) has set the stage to empower and inspire Iranian-American women of all ages and career paths through its nationally recognized annual Women’s Leadership Conferences. Thanks to the efforts of the community, the IAW Foundation has expanded its philanthropic efforts on a variety of programs to benefit the community it is serving. The newly added IAWF programs include Circle of Visionaries, Youth Leadership Conference, and Mentorship program. The goal is to provide a platform for IAWF members to expand on their professional and personal growth. We encourage potential members of IAWF and our local chapter’s community members to join us on this journey.



Evening Gala hosted by Amazon Watch

Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 6:00 pm

Bently Reserve , 301 Battery Street , San Francisco, CA

Tickets & Sponsorships: $250-$20,000

 Ticket link: http://bit.ly/2th9Wvr

On September 27th, 2017 Amazon Watch will hold its annual gala Amplify! A celebration of voices from the Amazon in San Francisco at the Bently Reserve.

Approximately 300 supporters and change-makers will enjoy a delicious organic dinner and variety of local and exotic beverages, inspiring stories from the Amazon, a rousing auction, and live entertainment. Representatives from the U’wa of Colombia – leaders in the movement to stop oil extraction and defend indigenous rights – will give a keynote speech, and Do Good Events will transform the Bently into a tropical wonderland for the evening.

The U’wa are a peaceful culture of more than 6,200 people who live in the remote Andes of northeastern Colombia, along the border with Venezuela. Long before the international climate movement adopted the battle cry to “Keep It In The Ground,” the U’wa people of Colombia were denouncing the extraction of the Blood of Mother Earth.

In the 1990’s, they successfully fought to stop oil drilling by LA based Occidental Petroleum. An international solidarity movement emerged, ultimately helping the U’wa expel Oxy in 2002. The government authorization to search for oil and gas was passed to Colombian state-run company EcoPetrol, which to this day continues to threaten the U’wa with new extractive activities in their territory. A new gas exploration project sparked protests in 2014, and the U’wa were successful in getting a drilling platform decommissioned.

6 pm: Cocktail reception, silent auction, and musical entertainment
7 pm: Dinner, program, and live auction
9 pm: Dance party with Cumbia band

For questions and sponsorship opportunities contact Roberta Giordano at roberta@amazonwatch.org (510) 281-9020 Ext 306