Of Two Minds

Of Two Minds is a podcast where we invite two people with very different views to talk to each other. It’s kind of a social experiment: A conversation between people that share something deeply in common and yet they remain deeply divided. Hosted by journalist Sarah Shourd, each guest is first interviewed separately and asked about the events that formed their beliefs. Then we get them to talk to each other and hash things out.

Of Two Minds is Executive Produced by Neda Nobari Foundation.

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Episode 1: Matt & Jackie
Episode 2: Peter & DeVone
Episode 3: Tish & Mike
Episode 4: Joscha & Y-Vonne
Episode 5: Van Jones

A conversation between scrappy writer Matt Sumell and his social justice warrior sister Jackie Sumell. They grew up in a household that was torn apart by a gender war. Decades later, that war still dominates their relationship.

A conversation between cop-scholar Peter Moskos and urban peacekeeper Devone Boggan on policing, race and “politically correct bullshit.” Both have committed their lives to reducing urban gun violence, one by reforming policing and the other by caring for criminals.

Photo of Peter Moskos by Amy Eckert.

A conversation between suburban radical Tish O’Dell and Cajun fisherman Mike Schaff about global warming and class. Both know what it is like for environmental destruction to threaten what they love the most, but only one thinks global warming is a “big deal.”

A conversation between Harvard-nerd Joscha Bach and diversity-evangelist Y-Vonne Hutchinson on bias in tech and the future of humanity. Y-Vonne fears artificial intelligence will reflect the blind spots of the computer geniuses developing it. Joscha is one of those geniuses.

A conversation with Van Jones about what he thinks the left still doesn’t understand. And reflections on a season of difficult conversations.